When to Call an Emergency Plumbing Contractor

When to Call an Emergency Plumbing Service

If you need immediate repairs, you can contact an emergency plumbing contractor anytime or at night. But should you? Should you wait until regular business hours to call the plumber? The truth is that many homeowners need clarification on what plumbing emergencies entail. In addition, regardless of the time, it is best to err on caution and call a plumber if you have any doubts. However, if you find yourself in one of the following scenarios, you should contact an emergency plumbing service immediately.

Burst Pipe

The rush of water pouring into your home from a burst pipe should prompt you to call an experienced plumber immediately. The main water valve can stop the flow, but professional help is required to fix the harm.

Frozen Pipe

Your pipes’ water supply may freeze during the winter. Call an emergency plumber immediately if you notice little to no water coming from a faucet or a toilet that isn’t refilled after a flush. The situation cannot wait because a frozen pipe can easily burst.

Toilet Overflow

A plumbing emergency is unquestionably present when a toilet overflows. Turning off the toilet’s main valve can stop the issue from worsening, but if it isn’t handled right away, you risk suffering significant water damage.

Sewer Line Leak

You might have a sewer line leak if your toilet overflows when the bathroom sink is running, or your bathtub is filling with sewage. Call an emergency plumber immediately because prompt repair is crucial to preventing problems.

Water Heater Leak

A leak in your water heater may cause your sudden lack of hot water. Additionally, a plumbing emergency exists if the leak is at the base of the appliance. The tank might collapse and flood your house if a quick fix is not found.

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