When Plumbing Repair Is Needed

Common Causes of Plumbing Leaks

It’s critical for homeowners to comprehend the possible harm that a leak could do. If not fixed, it can produce wastewater, which would encourage unwelcome odors and development inside your house. But it’s not always easy to stop this kind of damage. The fact that most of the plumbing in your home is hidden from view is a major contributing factor to this because you might not always be aware of leaks. But by being aware of the following causes of leaks, you can call a plumbing repair specialist right away and avert avoidable disaster.


Rust and other types of corrosion can deteriorate your home’s pipes as your plumbing system ages, eventually leading to a hole where water can leak out. It may be time for an improvement if your house is older and starts to leak. Galvanized steel can start to break after about 20 years, whereas brass pipes can survive up to 70 years. Your pipes may start to deteriorate if the pH and mineral content of your water is out of balance.


Over time, the plumbing system on your property will inevitably see wear and tear. This can include anything from corroded pipes brought on by the chemical composition of the water to damaged pipe joints and overly high water pressure over an extended period of time. Most of the time, tightening a joint, restoring the water pressure to normal, or replacing the damaged pipe piece well enough to stop these leaks.


If you’re not careful, a clogged drain may also result in a water leak and a large amount of mess. Before any further harm is done, it is strongly advised that you call a plumber to unclog any suspected blocked drains. There are many do-it-yourself materials available, but plumbers have the tools and expertise necessary to clear a blockage, whereas you might not. Both ways, exercise caution!

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