What Is the Timeframe of a Sewer Installation

How Long Does Sewer Pipe Installation Take?

New sewer installation is required when a sewer system is old and needs repairs regularly. Among the questions that property owners ask when in need of a new sewer system, “how long will it take?” is probably the one that is asked the most. However, the answer to this question is not as simple as it would seem, as there are many factors that can contribute to the time frame needed. Let’s look at some aspects that can affect the duration of a sewer pipe installation or replacement.


Like other sewer repair services, pipe installation is an extremely time-consuming and technically demanding job. Technicians that have limited or no prior experience installing such pipes will take longer to complete the job. That said, well-trained and experienced technicians that have years of experience will take less time; it is common sense when you think about it.

Method of Installation

How the pipes will be installed is a huge factor to consider when determining the duration of the installation. Overall, traditional dig-and-replace installation methods generally take around five days or so. However, a no-dig pipe installation project can be completed in a couple of hours or a whole day.

Where the Pipe Is Located

Sewer pipe installation can be longer or shorter, depending on where the pipes are located. The same principle can apply to every city. Pipes that have been installed many meters deep take longer to dig out and replace than ones that are only a few meters deep. Remember, though, the depth of the manhole when dealing with a commercial area is not the same as in residential areas. Therefore, plumbing technicians could take less time installing sewer pipes in residential areas than in commercial spaces.

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