Three Cold-Weather Plumbing Tips From a Plumbing Service Expert

Perfect Ways to Avoid Expensive Plumbing Issues

When temperatures drop, the risk of your pipes freezing and bursting increases dramatically. As reported by the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, burst pipes are one of the most frequent causes of property damage during cold weather, resulting in thousands of dollars in water damage. The best way to avoid this expensive hassle is to follow a few cold-weather plumbing tips and then tap a reputable plumbing service expert for winter plumbing maintenance.

Disconnect Your Outside Hose

Your outdoor hose is often the first victim of freezing temperatures. One of the most important tips to keep your pipes from freezing is to disconnect and store all your outdoor hoses. Make sure to complete this task ahead of time so that your hose is safely stored before the first wave of cold weather arrives. It’s also a good idea to locate and switch off the shutoff valves for outside faucets during the freezing temps.

Try to Always Maintain Your House Warm

This may seem like an obvious tip to keep your pipes from freezing but keep your house warm! Low indoor temperatures are the leading cause of house pipe bursts. Make sure your thermostat is set and turned on, and that the temperature in your house does not go below 55 degrees.

Make Sure to Have Your Pipes Inspected

If you’ve never had your pipes tested before, a professional can make sure they’re in good working order for the winter months. They may also protect your property from bursting pipes by insulating them and replacing them if they are faulty. A homeowner’s life can be turned upside down if a pipe bursts, so don’t take chances!

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