Sewer Installation Setbacks

Common Sewer Line Installation Setbacks (And Solutions)

Your sewer installation contractor starts to dig a new sewer line; they can often encounter bedrock and will not be able to proceed, which will set your project behind.

Some problems with sewer line installation and underground utilities are hard to predict. But with some forethought, an adaptable plan can be created beforehand to ensure a smoother outcome.

Here are some roadblocks that are frequently encountered at job sites

Rock Formations

Problem: Bedrock is uncovered during any construction site preparation, depending on its location and depth.

Solutions: Depending on the density and type of the rock strata, the hydraulic excavator may not have enough force to break through. Some smaller rocks and boulders will be easy to deal with; just dig around them with an excavator until you can remove them. Other times, crews will use a hydraulic hammer attachment that will pulverize the rock and remove it in pieces. In the most severe cases, there will be no other choice but to blast it using explosives.

Knowing the rock is there beforehand would be helpful. A contractor will commission or perform a geotechnical evaluation before the work starts.

High Groundwater

Problem: Groundwater levels do vary, and in some places, the water table may be dozens or even hundreds of feet underground. While with others, contractors will come across water a few feet below the surface. High water can make any site construction difficult, let alone performing underground sewer installation.

Solutions: There are a few ways to transport or reduce groundwater at the site. The easiest will be to use sump pumping; this will remove groundwater that is seeping into the utility trench. This temporary fix will provide enough dry space to work with. If the volume of groundwater, however, is severe, it may require a costly means of temporarily reducing the local table by digging wells, siphon drains, or deep vacuum wells.

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