Plumbing Service Guidelines

Do Plumbers Need to Be Licensed?

The question of if it is illegal to perform plumbing jobs without a license is increasing. However, the answer to this will depend on where you live and the work you want to do. Most states, or 44 of them, at least, do require a plumbing license for bigger jobs, such as installing plumbing lines but will allow an unlicensed plumbing service provider to perform minor tasks, such as draining sewage lines or inspecting gas lines.

So, why do plumbers require an up-to-date license? Plumbing is a serious job that deals with the functionality of a home. If a sewage line is poorly installed, it could back up and result in flooding, waterborne illness, and even foundational degradation. A plumbing license proves someone has a certain level of expertise and reduces the chances of subpar work.

What States Do Not Require a Plumber License?

New York, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Pennsylvania, and Wyoming don’t require licensing. As for the other states, you should always check the licensing status of a plumber before hiring them. Make a habit of checking on the licensing status of any contractor you plan to hire, no matter where you live.

Risks of Hiring an Unlicensed Plumber

Poor Workmanship

Plumbing is not always easy. Even minor tasks, like snaking a drain, will require specialized tools and experience. A plumber must pass tests and have certifications to retain their license. While the requirements vary by state, most areas require plumbers to attend education classes as part of their licensing agreement. Minnesota, for example, requires 16 hours of education classes every couple of years.

An unlicensed plumber doesn’t need to do this. So they can dig into your yard or walls without having passed exams. Sounds too risky, right? It is your water supply, so practice caution here.

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