Plumbing Repair and Maintenance Tips to Keep in Mind

Keeping Your Plumbing Fixtures in Great Condition

You don’t need a plumbing license to handle routine plumbing maintenance. Keeping your pipes and plumbing fixtures in good condition is relatively easy. Leaks and clogs are two common issues to watch out for in your home, but other maintenance tasks are also beneficial. With a few home plumbing maintenance tips in your back pocket, you can keep things flowing smoothly. Checking for problems regularly helps you spot them early when they’re easier to fix. Here are some plumbing repair and maintenance tips to keep in mind.

Check for Leaks Regularly

Over time, your plumbing pipes can corrode and the connections can get loose, leading to plumbing leaks. They can range from minor drips to major gushing leaks that flood your space. Leaks in the exposed plumbing under your sinks are easy to spot. It can be more difficult to spot leaks that are hidden in walls. To check for leaks, look for drips, puddles, or dampness on walls and floors.

Another quick tip is to monitor your water meter. Write down the reading, wait an hour without using any water, and check it again to see if it changes. An increase in the meter reading without using any water can show that your plumbing is leaking.

Watch What Goes Down Your Drains

Clogged drains can prevent you from using your sink or shower until you get it cleared. Prevent clogs by limiting what goes down your drains. Never pour grease down your drains, as it can harden and clog the pipe.

Using a hair catcher over your shower drain can prevent hair clogs. Limit what you flush down your toilet to human waste and toilet paper. Flushing wipes, sanitary products, and other items can clog your toilet and cause it to overflow.

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