DIY Plumbing Repair Mistakes That Can Cost You

You Might Be Doing It Wrong

Want advice on doing plumbing repair yourself? Consider thinking twice before fixing that leaking faucet or dripping pipe yourself.

No one wants to contact a plumber, and we understand that. And occasionally, a quick do-it-yourself fix can solve the issue. On the other hand, trying to do it yourself might end disastrously quickly. Even the most skilled homeowners are capable of making costly plumbing errors. Additionally, your home could also sustain costly water damage and catastrophic flooding if something goes wrong.

Unfortunately, some clients only contact us after their disastrous DIY repair attempts have failed.

Using Duct Tape to Stop Plumbing Leaks

Any handy person’s go-to product is duct tape because of its seemingly limitless uses. This miracle worker is consistently successful in both interior and exterior home repairs. You might even store a roll in the trunk of your car for unexpected situations.

Using the Wrong Parts for Your DIY Repair

To replace the leaky pipes and fittings, you decide to go shopping. Armed with a dozen iPhone pictures of the old pipe and some hazy recollections of how it all fits together, you had to go to the hardware store or home improvement warehouse.

However, when you go home and begin your DIY pipe repair, you realize that you purchased the incorrect pipe. Is that acceptable as long as you can piece it together without leaking?

It is always a bad idea to do this. Only some applications or projects can employ certain pipe materials and fittings. Plumbing-related pipes and equipment differ from those intended to convey other gases or electrical currents, for instance.

Not Knowing How to Put Your Plumbing Back Together

Although it may sound like the premise for a sitcom, homeowners frequently disassemble their plumbing only to find that they cannot put it back together properly. They will then be forced to hire a plumber and wait until the service call before replacing the fixture.

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