A Plumbing Contractor Fix Clogged Toilets at the Sign of These Issues

Reasons Why a Toilet Gets Clogged

If your initial reaction to a clogged drain is to get the plunger instead of trying to determine what caused the obstruction, you may be missing the point. If your toilet keeps overflowing, you should probably call a plumbing contractor to figure out why. Flushing the toilet several times can be a tiring task that requires physical effort. Cleaning the pipes is a temporary solution until the underlying issue is resolved. When does the toilet not get clogged?

The bathroom’s toilet is quite old and inefficient.

Many of the older toilets only have so many flushes before they completely stop operating. Depending on the situation, it’s possible that certain adjustments to your toilet could make it more practical and efficient. The modern toilet typically only requires one flush to thoroughly flush away all waste.

The sewage system has been having issues.

A broken sewage system could be the root cause of your constant toilet backups. Sewage backups typically occur because of one of three causes: broken pipes, tree roots invading the line, or corrosion. Trust the experts when it comes to keeping your house safe from criminals and disasters. A well-maintained and inspected sewer system, on the other hand, will reveal small issues and allow you to fix them before they balloon into major, costly headaches.

The plumbing vent has been having some issues.

It is necessary to make a release of the air or gas that has become entrapped within the system in order for the pressure to remain in the appropriate range. Flush mechanisms may be less efficient if the plumbing vent has been clogged or damaged by dirt and debris.

Dial a plumbing contractor like Alameda's H & R Plumbing Services if you have tried everything else to resolve the toilet issue. We are here for you whenever you need us, whether it’s an unforeseen plumbing emergency or time for your regularly scheduled Alameda, CA plumbing maintenance and inspections. Please call us at (510) 256-9732 if you need immediate help.