3 Types of Materials for a Proper Sewer Installation

Common Materials to Use in Installing Your Sewer

For the longest time, a new sewer line resonates with a new home or renovation of the current structures. Moreover, as the demand for houses increases exponentially, so does the need to expand and modernize the drainage systems. Drainage should be among the first things to be completed in a new building to avoid future problems which are difficult to correct. The critical element to consider while scouting for the sewer line from the house to the street is lifespan. Moreover, the time frame of materials will determine their ability to withstand natural conditions. Here are some of the common materials used in sewer installation.


Currently, most experts postulate concrete as the go-to choice, especially for buried infrastructure. Moreover, concrete is meant to last for a long with minimal maintenance needed. Concrete is readily available, resistant to rot, and can be used in any situation. Furthermore, concrete is eco-friendly and usually lasts for long periods without degradation. However, concrete requires regular inspections, and they are susceptible to breakage during installation; hence they require proper care and handling.


Steel pipes are durable, strong, and resistant but have been gradually becoming unpopular. Keep in mind steel pipes come in two types: galvanized iron and cast iron. Among the drawbacks of using steel, they are prone to rust which reduces its longevity. Rust then necessitates frequent repairs and replacements. Additionally, steel is costly from creation to procurement and transportation.


Most contractors love to refer to them as the first option due to their ease of use. Moreover, they can be procured in different lengths, are lightweight, and last for a long. Furthermore, experts recommend the use of plastics, especially in areas prone to earthquakes. Plastic pipes are currently gradually replacing cast iron pipes. Since they are few problems with pipeline maintenance, plastic pipes also feature convenient construction and high strength.

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