3 Common Materials Used for Sewer Installation From a Plumbing Expert

Choosing the Right Material for the Installation of Your Sewer Pipes

Are you interested in installing sewage lines in your brand-new house? Sewage pipes are installed using various techniques depending on the materials and dimensions. You will only find the bare minimum of information on installing sewage lines in the text below. Lifespan is a crucial factor to take into account while searching for the sewage line that will connect the property to the street. Additionally, a material’s durability will depend on how long it has been in use. Here are 3 common materials used for sewer installation from a plumbing expert.


Currently, the majority of specialists choose concrete, especially for subterranean infrastructure. Concrete is also designed to require little maintenance over a lengthy period of time. Concrete may be utilized in any setting, is easily accessible, and is rot-resistant. Concrete is also environmentally benign and often maintains its quality over an extended length of time. However, because concrete needs frequent inspections and is prone to breaking during installation, it has to be handled carefully.


Steel pipes are sturdy, resilient, and long-lasting, but they have been losing favor over time. Remember that there are two types of steel pipes: cast iron and galvanized iron. Steel has a number of disadvantages, including a propensity for corrosion that shortens its lifespan. Rust therefore needs regular maintenance and replacement. Steel is also expensive throughout the production, procurement, and shipping processes.


Due to their simplicity of use, the majority of contractors adore referring to them as the first choice. Additionally, they are lightweight, available in a variety of lengths, and durable. Additionally, experts advise against using plastics, especially in earthquake-prone locations. Cast iron pipes are now being replaced with plastic pipes. In addition to having an easy-to-use structure and great strength, plastic pipes also have minimal maintenance issues.

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